New video !


We proudly present our new video, from RAW :


RAW is available now ...


We have finally received them ! 
The new Ultra Bullitt EP is available
from now in our online shop.

Of course, we will have some with us at
every show, don't forget it !


09/11/2015 - Hal Eriksen

New track ...

We are so proud to present a new track of RAW, our next EP.

It's called Black Roses ! We hope you'll enjoy it ! Thanks again for the support on Kisskissbankbank, this EP will born through you !

15/10/2015 - Hal Eriksen

Ready ... steady ... GO !!!


As you know it, this year is full of novelties for Ultra Bullitt : new team, new manners to play, new songs ...

We want to finish 2014 and begin 2015 with a flourish,with a new album . We are not talking about a simple directory of songs, but a beautifull object as a vinyl, maybe with some bonus, small surprises ...

After numerous sessions to write, to play, to modify, to test, etc ... We shall soon be ready to go in the studio!

But for this, we need your help ! Thanks to the participative financing, you give us the way to finish what we began, and of course you will take out the full hands of it ... and the ears !


It's here !


01/12/2014 - Hal Eriksen

Feed Your Soul


New line up
New sound
New song
Listen to it FUCKING LOUD AND SHARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

31/08/2014 - Hal Eriksen



... of Ultra Bullitt new album.


The first track of our new album is ready and we can't resist the desire to share it with you!


That takes place on August 31st, 2014, at 8 pm!


Click here


25/08/2014 - Hal Eriksen


Did you guess it? Yeah, Ultra Bullitt is taking on the studio!


We are proud to announce that we have began the recording of our third album!


We hope to surprise you, to delight you and to make you move with this new opus!


Stay tuned, the end of the year 2014 will be full of good news!


04/07/2014 - Hal Eriksen