Ultra Bullitt is :

Old Booger - Guitar

Hal Eriksen - Drums / Back vocals

Sly Bullitt - Bass guitar / Lead vocals



And let's make it clear :

If, like me, you think that the rock is full of rage and fury. If you believe that this field is just one long wagon-train with few tall lonely strangers. If, among these lonely strangers, you recognise some tough heroes. If these heroes belong to the great rock legend and if this legend is wound up with The Kinks, MC5, The Stooges and Grand Funk Railroad, then we are in complete agreement. We have identified the same target - we have recognised the deathless triggers of rock.

Ultra Bullitt is a power trio that don’t need to wear riding coats like the desert rebels nor lizard-skin belts incrusted with turquoises. They are good without any bad behaviour. They are simply impressive and we have no anxieties about welcoming Give Me Five, an EP that reaches out a hand to lovers of rock, from Led Zeppelin to The Hives.

Ultra Bullitt is a violent shot - your turn to fire.

Guy Darol - MUZIQ

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